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Re: [TCML] Is a TC reversible?

Didn't Grey Leyh have a little cart at one of the Maker Faires powered remotely by a TC?
I can't find it on a quick search.

-----Original Message----- From: Jonathan Peakall
On 5/24/2013 5:19 AM, Brian Hall wrote:
There is a company near me that owns many recent patents on the wireless transmission of electricity, which has been featured in Popular Science and in at least one TED talk on youtube:


While their methods and patents do work, the devices of course follow the inverse square law of loss of power over distance, and while they use electromagnetic resonance, from what I gather, they are not that much like the Tesla coils discussed on this list. From what I gather over the years, it seems like this list is for making 'leaky' air core resonant transformers that produce those lovely streamers and sparks that are a joy to watch and behold, and not really for discussion of the wireless transmission of power - and potentially information, which was Tesla's original intent for the types of coils we make. We think coils that leak out of their toploads look quite pretty and tend to keep the discussions around that, and the various ways to achieve that effect.

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