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Re: [TCML] DRSSTC ring-up


> What most coilers do is tune the primary lower than the secondary frequency such that
> the primary is in tune with the secondary once it has a big streamer on top of it. 
- I understand, that the streamer's capacitance detunes the secondary circuit and 
detuning the primary circuit to a similar frequency optimizes the transfer of power. More 
difficult are phase relationships, beat frequencies, reflected impedances of an 
oscillator having two coupled resonant circuits as frequency determining components.

In the meantime I've found that my TC runs at the upper pole if both coils are in tune 
and have tuned the primary a little bit lower therefore. Then I set the current limit to 
100 A and suddenly the streamer length jumped from 2" to 10". As there are streamers from 
the strike rail to the secondary coil now, the "real fun" starts.....

> The only reason people havent done this more is because most people use a simple self
> oscillating controller which will happily excite whatever frequencies naturally come
> about when starting up the TC. 
- As it is always best to use approved designs first, I've copied your controller and it 
works without problems. If my system is running well I will try different solutions. 
Especially I will try to shorten the delay between the feedback input and the load which 
is 220 ns now - a remarkable part of the IGBT's ON time.

Thank you very much for your pioneering work and for your particular help,


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