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[TCML] ARSG question

I have a question for the list regarding ARSG operation.  I notice this has
been talked about just recently in regards to using a 3ph motor with VFD, an
option I am considering as the price of VFDs has fallen considerably and I
can get a 3ph induction motor, wound for 240V 3ph, cheaply.  I am not too
keen on using a universal from a power tool because of speed and torque
stability and issues with overshoot.


I am in the process of building a large (10" secondary) spark gap coil, and
because my cap will be significantly STR at 100nF, I am strongly considering
ARSG operation.


Has anyone tried using a brushless RC motor with an ESC to control the
asynchronous gap speed?  Of course this also raises the possibility of using
a remote control to change motor speed.  Large versions of these brushless
motors have considerable torque and are speed stabilised by the ESC.  I
can't imagine that the load on, say, a 12" rotary platter, would be much
greater than a large RC helicopter.  I haven't done the maths so I am not
sure.  The question I have is how susceptible would 2.4GHz spread spectrum
radio signals be to the coils RF?  The coil I am building will have a
projected resonant frequency of around 75kHz as calculated by JavaTC.




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