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Re: [TCML] 6KVA first light

Hi Jay, 

Really glad to see you putting that nice .1 ufd, 25 kVAC rated PC pulse cap to good use :-) 


jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Tested my coil with my 6KVA power supply last night. 
>Got 80" sparks, which is pretty good for my only having tuned it to within one turn. Ill get out the scope and do it right next time. 
>This coil will also be eventually converted to a dual Gapped DC coil. Now that I have the power supply completed, I just need to add my filter capacitor, inductors, diodes, etc and wire up the second gap. =) 
>Unfortunately I am also moving to Maryland, so once again the forces of the world work against my progress. lol. 
>But one day, the DC coil will be complete, maybe by spring time. 
>Also, I think I am the first person to use the #12 THHN wire spool ballast method for a 240V system. 
>Variac: 2 3.1Kva variacs wired with a common neutral and opposing legs of a 240V 4 wire feed 
>Ballast: 2 500' spools of #12 THHN, one on each leg of the 240V line, limits 240V to exactly 30A, spot on. 
>Transformers: 2 8400 Westinghouse potential transformers, primaries in series on the 240V with a common neutral, secondaries in series for 16.8Kv Output. (thank you John ie Futuret, these things are awesome) 
>Primary: around 10 turns, Its free floating, so I can easily adjust the coupling via raising or lowering it with some blocks. 
>Capacitor: 0.1 uf, 25Kv AC, made by Plastic Capcitors, speciically for tesla use i believe. (thank you David Reiben, this cap is sweet) 
>ASRG Spark gap: 12 stationary electrodes (per side), 2 rotary electrodes (one for each side), 3000rpm max (600bps). 
>Frequency: Secondary with just the bottom topload, clocked in somewhere around 84-87 KHz the last time I measured. Its obviously going to be a little lower with the extra capacitance, but I have not run the numbers yet. 
>John "Jay" Howson IV 
>"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 
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