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Re: [TCML] 6KVA first light

On 9/2/13 11:16 PM, Greg Peters wrote:
Hi John,

Sorry for the late reply. I just found a heap of TCML posts in my junk

If you want ground strikes, the answer is simple. Lower the coil :)

Seriously though, that double spark gap concept is brilliant. Have you
actually tried it? Yes, please do send the spreadsheet. My email address is

I'm assuming you just offset the charging elecrodes by 50%? I'm thinking
that it might be possible to retrofit my RSG with another set of stationary

The idea of a small charging inductor is very appealing. Since I will be
running 24kV in the tank circuit, the charging inductor was going to be one
of the larger challenges of the coil construction.

A very interesting idea. I am keen to chat more with you about this off
list (to spare the sanity of other members) if you are willing.

Charging inductor construction and various spark gap schemes are most certainly on topic for the list, so you don't have to worry about annoying the list members.

Now, if you start talking about how you've got a special gap configuration that allows you to extract zero point energy and use it to charge your charging inductor to do wireless power transmission, and you know it works because you have secret documents from Tesla himself, you'll have a problem with the moderators.

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