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[TCML] Trim messages!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and assorted scholars...

Please remember to trim long message chains. (painful waiting on slow over the air connection recently..)

I know the mail readers sometimes helpfully don't display all the back mails in the thread. But they still burn those kilobytes, and for those list members reading their traffic on that ASR 33 teletype, it consumes a lot of paper and ribbon ink.

Or more to the point, if you're sitting on a plane using the WiFi, sharing vital Tesla Coiling info bandwidth with 100 people streaming whatever it is they are streaming, you become painfully aware of the long tail on some of these messages.

In any case, a nice <snip> while retaining enough context so that someone understands the response is appropriate.

(we leave aside here the folks who do a reply to a digest posting on a particularly high traffic day... the moderators kill those ones off before you suffer from them.. but we moderators, sitting on self same airplane, still find it painful)

Thanks to all..

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