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[TCML] Centre tapped mot stacks

Hi all,

Excuse my ignorance - I seem to be missing something obvious. I am about to try a mot stack for the first time and  confused about something.

Most 4/6 pack mot stacks I have seen have the middle two transformer cores grounded and the outer two or three cores floating. I can see that this appeals because it effectively halves the voltage swing with respect to ground, which on first inspection seems safer.

However, I am wondering if we would be better off running the all cores ungrounded, in effect creating one single floating secondary, akin to a pole pig or potential transformer, etc? Is it fair to say that running the secondary in a centre tap configuration references it to ground and hence creates a PD between the secondary and primary windings (which are also referenced to ground through the neutral conductor)?

Is it possible that this would encourage arcing from the secondary to the primary (probably via the core) on the outer mots?

Would it be better if all cores (and hence  secondary windings) were left floating, removing any tendency for arcs between the two?

I know I am missing something but I just can't figure out what it is.

The only thing I can think of is that it increases the voltage stress on any given transformer but as far as I can tell each transformer secondary sees ~2kv across it whether it is referenced to ground or not?

Someone please tell me what simple law of electronics am missing!

Many thanks,


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