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[TCML] Deutsches Museum video


no tesla coil, but good examples of surface tracking (check out the length of the spark over the surface of glass vs free air gap)

and the Faraday cage demo (I seem to recall watching the assistant lighting a cigarette from the arc outside when I was a kid)

What's interesting is the LONG run times for the demos. they run that jacobs ladder for a good 30 seconds. It's hard to tell from the video, but that spark is probably a good 4-5 feet long (along the length) and really big in diameter.

Really shows that you don't need a million volts to make a 5 foot long spark, if you can build it or draw it out.

And, of course, the Marx at the end.  Pretty fast rep rate.

There might be an English version, although the demonstrator on the German version has a sort of classic southern German (Bavarian?) voice.
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