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[TCML] Coming outages

Hi folks,

This weekend I'm planning on starting the rebuilding process for the whole
server.  I'm still having some troubles figuring out the root of the
problem with the dropped network packets and believe that part of it is
due to a DOS attack that's either against me or spilling onto me.  Based
on what I'm seeing in the traffic, it could be this:
Unfortunately, the operating system is around 10 years old now and doesn't
even have a late enough version of iptables to block such traffic.  

My plan is to try to do things somewhat incrementally, mostly for my
sanity, but also to maximize uptime for all services.  However, there will
likely be some tempoary outages in the mean time.  Please be patient.

Thanks for your understanding.  If one or more people on the list have
linux networking experience I wouldn't mind chatting with you.

Thanks again.

Chip Atkinson
List Owner

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