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Re: [TCML] Neon Sign Transformers-Recommendations.


You may want to pull the cover on candidates for un-potting. Older France
Transformers are generally tar. It is quite a mess and a potential fire risk
if heating in an old gas BBQ for instance. Don't let it get too hot. I have
done a few and knocked out about half of the limiting shunts and was
pleasantly surprised. Mineral oil, melted Petroleum jelly, or melted wax
poured over in a suitable plastic container will suppress corona and arc
over. If a horn is broke off you can fix them often too. 

Some people swear by freezing them and cracking them open.

All this may be for not if you don't look into a Terry Filter to protect
your new treasures. Try here: http://www.hvtesla.com/terry.html

Pretty easy to make and I mounted mine on right on top of my dual 15KV60ma
(120ma) Transco transformers with standoffs. These are epoxy BTW but seem
very robust. I drive an 8"(20.32cm) coil and get up to 6 feet (1.82m) with
the two in parallel. What size coil are you building?

Jim Mora

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Thank you for your response.

On Thu, 31 Jul 2014 20:00:00 -0700 Jon Danniken <danniken@xxxxx> writes:
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> >Over the years (50+) I
> > have used Alanson, Franceformer, and Actown NSTs with reasonable
> > results. You will want to get "Old-style" NSTs that weigh about 
> "2
> > hernias". 
> An added bonus of finding an old-style tranny is that if you get 
> one
> that is potted in tar you can unpot them and remove some of the 
> current
> limiting shunts, which is typically done to provide two to three 
> times
> (max) the nameplate-rated current.
> This will obviously increase the current draw of the transformer, 
> but
> for short runs in a tesla coil application it is usually fine (I 
> doubled
> the current output of both a 12/60 and 15/60 that I have, and they 
> work
> great).
> Something to think about for when you get down the road and done 
> with
> your current coil.
> Jon
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