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[TCML] Bar and Chain Oil Dielectric

Hello all,

I am aware that cattle laxative mineral oil from farm supplies and co-ops has been cited on this list as a suitable substitute for transformer/dielectric oil in past postings. However, I noticed something just the other day and I thought I would throw it our here to the impressive collective knowledge of this list. I was pouring some bar and chain oil that I happened to have for my chainsaw lube into the lube reservoir of my newly acquired drill press when I noticed that this oil has the same light yellowish color as well as low viscosity and identical odor to the oil that I usually run into when opening up pole pigs and x-ray trannies. I realize that since it's not labeled as "dielectric" or "transformer" oil, it probably doesn't have the same stringent no moisture standards as the Shell Diala and such, but I was just wondering if this would be a suitable substitute for the "real McCoy" if one found a minimum 55 gallon drum (or even a 5 gallon bucket)
 purchase to be way more than was needed?

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