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Re: [TCML] Grounding for HF VTTCs?

Stefan, I remember watching that video they are very long flames. I don't
think I will be able to match it!

Bert, thank you, before attempting to ground the base of the coil I had a
long hard think about it and decided it wouldn't work or could be

These circuits are incredibly dangerous as the primary and secondary are
both live and would be like touching the MOT itself. I had an arc over
between the primary tank circuit that turned the insulator to pulverised
ash clouds.. Nothing like a practical demonstration to remind you of the
dangers. Another danger is the brightness I had tungsten as a breakout
point but it was igniting. Looked like a 500w light globe!

Given that the inductance would be too low for a primary/secondary
arrangement with a tickler coil could one pump a 3rd coil connected to the
secondary to increase the frequency? I don't even know if its theoretically
possible but it would give a higher voltage at a higher frequency and
longer flames.

Lets say I have a VTTC at 1mHz. It is a standard Armstrong oscillator.  If
I place a coil in series with the secondary but out of the magnetic field
generated by the primary could I increase the frequency to 6mHz?

I read on this list when I was searching for "base fed" that the 3rd coil
in Tesla's magnifier acts like a transmission line and helps pump trapped
energy out of the tank circuit.  Given the losses will be higher due to the
skin effect a transmission line system would be great.

Then I would have a grounded isolated HF discharge that would burn but not

Thanks again,
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