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[TCML] HV Components and Service Available

I recently bought a couple of 10" toroids from HV Research and found they are well made and a value for the money. They have a seam made by rolling in the edge of the two halves but this does not affect coils using a breakout such as a DRSSTC or VTTC (in my case).

I also noted that John Gudenas, the owner, mentioned custom machine work available for TC or other HV items. I asked him to make a phenolic disc for a series rotary I am making. His work is good, expeditious and very reasonable price wise.

For those who lack lathes and milling machines you might consider HVResearch.com.

(p.s. another list member John Freau also makes toroids in other sizes and lists them on e-Bay from time to time. I have several and they are very well made.)

Jim Zimmerschied
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