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[TCML] DC resonant charged Tesla coil, Raytheon power supply

Hi List,

I have successfully altered the Raytheon transformer (well one test leg) per
list recommendations. I lost the Vacuum tubes and sockets, removed the
filament and 150H filter choke and rewired the center tap soldered
connection to well hold off the 5KV it will see here. I would like to extend
thanks to Bert Hickman for pointing out my voltage divider 20M x4 was being
loaded down by my Fluke and sure enough it was putting out 10KV per leg or
approximately 24KVdc filtered as on the schematic (I added a 2Meg HV
resistor to the divider resistors in series tail to measure across) .

He also suggested cutting the windings stack ribbons to be able to raise
them. Worked like a charm! I was able to cut the center tap and wind .5
inch" (12.7mm) cotton batting from a crafts and sewing store out to the edge
from the primary on the core across the center point. 

I then brought the star connection around on standoffs with HV wire to under
each stack with said standoffs. I cut a 3x3 inch .0625" G10 pcb material and
drilled 2 holes on opposite outer corners and pushed it this in an inch
under the cotton. This allowed excellent separation of the Teflon insulated
wire and 3x layers of Teflon shrink tube over the separated solder
connections. Good stuff 4:1 shrink.

I will pull new cotton ribbon when complete using the existing as pullers. I
almost pulled them out (been there, done that).

The appropriately phased wires are now routed straight up to the (3)  5" HV
bushing ( the two 12" bushings have been removed) and straight down to to
the Star standoffs.

Volia' paralleled wye (2x current ~half Voltage) ~4500v measured and
calculated easily reversible though that's not happening! So now we have
4500V x Sqr3 x Sqr2 or about = 11KV, 6 pulse x2 (charging reactor) = 22KVdc
to the tank. Nice. I'll add some pics when complete to my blogspot before it
goes in the tank. 

Jim Mora

BTW, a new Dexsil kit from Forestry Products oil test is way below 50ppm PCB
on the sample chart, almost undectable. It would be nice to refill another
cycle, but too prohibited by conflicting EPA - DOT transport rules, and cost
prohibitive to hire the service to do it. It is no wonder that most light
ballasts etc of the era still end up in the land fills. <50 ppm is
considered a non-PCB transformer by EPA rules in the US from what I have
researched. It will be leak proof nonetheless, as I plan on drawing a vacuum
on it. The tank is one piece with very heavy milspec walls and bottom.

Jim Lux is in California I believe, what say you on this issue,

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