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[TCML] Charging reactor construction

Hello group,

I am concentrating on getting my 6 pulse supply back in the tank. But on the
back burner is building a DIY charging reactor. I was wondering how people
hold off the 22KV I calculate will be the output. 

Bert wrote <paste>:

"Radar charging chokes... real boat anchors - heavy, oil-filled metal-cased,
with large asymmetrical insulators (a smaller Vdc input insulator and a
larger 2X Vdc output insulator). For example, here is the one I have..."
Ok, I was wondering about this. How are other coilers holding off these high
voltages and stresses of the charging inductor? Such a tank is almost
feasible to me. I have one NOS pig bushing. I like the idea of a smaller
Bulkhead Pass though insulator on the input. I have a NOS 3" beehive with
gasket that just may fill the bill. I will probably make my own Bobbin(s). I
have been doing a lot of research on this subject. This could end up a
winter project, I have a lot of other stuff to do before then. Of course it
did not rain but once last year!

*** Anybody have say 5KVA empty pole pig tank they want to sell? Or a pole
switch gear tank? Other solutions have occurred to me ala large ammo boxes
or small open top barrels with ring tops. Suggestions any one? Or how do you
create your charging inductors? It would likely be cost prohibitive to have
one made!

Jim Mora


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