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[TCML] Transformer Oil

Hello Group,

The age old question - where to buy purpose refined transformer oil? My 3
phase Raytheon is back together. Naturally after removing the filter choke
and the filament transformer and wire harnesses it is well below the dip

The tank appears to have real transformer oil in it and very low traces of
PCB so it must have been flushed a few times. I am thinking Shell Daila AX
but not 55 gallons! I'm not too sure adding plain mineral oil would be a
good idea. 

Anybody know where I can buy 1 or 5 gallon jugs or pails? (I'm in

BTW, it is wired for parallel Wye now so I'm expecting about 5KV per phase
or about 10-12KV 6 pulse FWR (x2) (with charge inductor kick). Also, I took
advice and did not put my diode strings inside!

Jim Mora

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