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Re: [TCML] Transformer Oil

It's been a while but I got 5-gal pails from


You might have to ask as I think Shell replaced a Diala-AX in small qty's with another product...


> On Aug 27, 2014, at 4:47 PM, "Jim Mora" <wavetuner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Group,
> The age old question - where to buy purpose refined transformer oil? My 3
> phase Raytheon is back together. Naturally after removing the filter choke
> and the filament transformer and wire harnesses it is well below the dip
> stick.
> The tank appears to have real transformer oil in it and very low traces of
> PCB so it must have been flushed a few times. I am thinking Shell Daila AX
> but not 55 gallons! I'm not too sure adding plain mineral oil would be a
> good idea. 
> Anybody know where I can buy 1 or 5 gallon jugs or pails? (I'm in
> California).
> BTW, it is wired for parallel Wye now so I'm expecting about 5KV per phase
> or about 10-12KV 6 pulse FWR (x2) (with charge inductor kick). Also, I took
> advice and did not put my diode strings inside!
> Thanks,
> Jim Mora
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