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[TCML] Huge 1296D Variac For Sale


Joe Smith asked me if I would list this for him here:

>1296D Powerstat,, 35 amp,,,, $225.00
>Plus watever it takes to get it to customer,,, I am guessing at around 40 lbs.  Truck?  Rail?
>The Powestat web site will give you all the info plus the picture. I think this is their biggest Variac.
> Contact,, Joseph Smith,,, Home (leave message) 979-242-5717,,,, Cell (always On) 979-702-2526
> Or,,, email,,   joesmith@xxxxxxxxx

Joe is located in SE Texas - Austin/Houston corridor. Not sure where he got the 40# on the weight, though, as I would have to assume that a 1296D variac would weigh in about twice that. Should still be light enough to package up for UPS, although you may be looking at near 100# w/ it packaged up for safe transit, so shipment may be a bit pricey. Obviously, you would contact Joe and not me if interested ;^)

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