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[TCML] New Topic: Large Variac 240V?

Are you out there Ed Sonderman? I'm hoping you will read this post. Last year I purchased some tesla equipment from Ed Sonderman including a large 80 pound variac. Ed used it with a pole pig for a big tesla coil. I thought I remember Ed saying that he ran 220V through it and was fairly certain that I could run 110V though it without a problem. I too would like to pipe 220V through it and I'm hoping that Ed or someone out there can advise me on how to do that.

Is it possible to wire 220V  (110V + 110V) into the Variac?
If so, how to wire it up?
For the output will there be two outputs or one?
If there is only one power output is the peak voltage still 220V?

If my questions seem silly, please bear with me. I'm a Tesla intermediate and am learning new things all the time. In regards to Tesla stuff, working with 220V and this monster variac is new turf for me.

Variac configuration is as follows: 

There are no identifying markings on the variac so there is no telling who made it. There are nine terminals. Terminal 1 is the common and the beginning of the coil. Terminal 4 is the end of the coil. Terminal 3 is power out. Terminals 5, 6 7, and 2 are the taps on the coil. Terminal 8 and 9 are at the bottom of the connection panel. It is not clear what they are for. All the other terminals are displayed as part of a schematic. These last two are not. If someone wants to give me their email address, I can send a photo. Help is appreciated. I plan to use it to regulate the input voltage of a 4 MOT power supply I'm putting together. The power supply will run on 220V.

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