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Re: [TCML] New Topic: Large Variac 240V?

If the variac is indeed wired as a 240 v unit one leg of your 240 will
be the "neutral" (more correct HOT common ).  A way to determine if it is
240 is put 0-240v from a separate power supply into outside connections,
wiper is unconnected.  No load
magnetization quiescent  current should not exceed 1-2% of full load
current.  If it exceeds that significantly, unit is tops 140v and probably

Hope this helps...

On Saturday, August 30, 2014, Steffan Heydon <steffan.heydon@xxxxxxxxx>

> Are you out there Ed Sonderman? I'm hoping you will read this post. Last
> year I purchased some tesla equipment from Ed Sonderman including a large
> 80 pound variac. Ed used it with a pole pig for a big tesla coil. I thought
> I remember Ed saying that he ran 220V through it and was fairly certain
> that I could run 110V though it without a problem. I too would like to pipe
> 220V through it and I'm hoping that Ed or someone out there can advise me
> on how to do that.
> Questions:
> Is it possible to wire 220V  (110V + 110V) into the Variac?
> If so, how to wire it up?
> For the output will there be two outputs or one?
> If there is only one power output is the peak voltage still 220V?
> If my questions seem silly, please bear with me. I'm a Tesla intermediate
> and am learning new things all the time. In regards to Tesla stuff, working
> with 220V and this monster variac is new turf for me.
> Variac configuration is as follows:
> There are no identifying markings on the variac so there is no telling who
> made it. There are nine terminals. Terminal 1 is the common and the
> beginning of the coil. Terminal 4 is the end of the coil. Terminal 3 is
> power out. Terminals 5, 6 7, and 2 are the taps on the coil. Terminal 8 and
> 9 are at the bottom of the connection panel. It is not clear what they are
> for. All the other terminals are displayed as part of a schematic. These
> last two are not. If someone wants to give me their email address, I can
> send a photo. Help is appreciated. I plan to use it to regulate the input
> voltage of a 4 MOT power supply I'm putting together. The power supply will
> run on 220V.
> Thanks,
> Steffan
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