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Re: [TCML] 6"secondary

If you increase the secondary and top load size as you described, I would
expect that you would have to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the primary to keep it
in tune, to the point where it becomes unmanageable, unless you also up the
cap value.  And then you'll need a bigger NST...   I don't think just
adding a turn or two is going to be enough.  No worries on the tubing
diameter though.  I've found that such upgrades really call for a top to
bottom review of all components.  Project creep is unavoidable and the next
generation coil will look nothing like the original.

Regards, Gary Lau

On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 9:37 PM, John Cooper <wt5y@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If I just swap my 4" x22" secondary with a 6" x34"secondary and bigger
> toroid 6" dryer duct vs 4" are any other changes needed other than retuning
> the primary?  For instance instead of 1/4 tubing primary would the diameter
> have to be increased?  I wouldnt be changing anything on the primary side.
> It would just run weaker until I increased the nst current and mmc array
> right?
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