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Re: [TCML] New nst/primary strikes


While there are certainly steps that can be taken to significantly REDUCE primary / strike ring strikes, from my personal experience, there is really no way to TOTALLY ELIMINATE them, short of reducing the input power to the point that the coil cannot produce long enough streamers to reach the primary / strike ring. For example, my pig powered Green Monster system has a 49.5" x 12.5" diameter secondary coil and a 12 x 56 top load, whose bottom is about 50" above the strike ring. The strike ring radius is only about 20" (40" diameter) but with a good 12 ft. of point to point reach of the streamers, it's a tall order indeed to eliminate strike ring hits, even with the OD of the strike a full 16" smaller than that of the topload.

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> On Dec 22, 2014, at 10:50 PM, John Cooper <wt5y@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Have two nst's for12kv 60ma total now.  Longer streamers now.  Too long sometimes they blow by the strike rail to the primary. Its 21" from bottom of topload to primary copper tubing. The strike rail sits 3.5" above primary.  I tried putting my smaller 3"x15" toroid under the 4"x17" to raise but still hitting primary.  A breakout rod point up helps a lot but every now and then it hits bottom.  I'm considering doing the 6" secondary which would add another 15" in height above primary but until then Is there anything other than breakout points that would help.  Would changing the diameters of the toroid help?  Ie using different size pie pans with dryer duct. My thinking is if it was wider then the primary coil would not be right under.
>  My secondary windings start flush with the primary, if I raise it the coupling will become weaker meaning shorter streamers?  
> I've seen some coils on youtube and the streamers go down but outside the primary, wondering if my strike rail was removed would that stop it from attracting it to the primary?
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