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Re: [TCML] New nst/primary strikes

On 12/22/2014 08:50 PM, John Cooper wrote:
> Have two nst's for12kv 60ma total now.  Longer streamers now.  Too
> long sometimes they blow by the strike rail to the primary. Its 21"
> from bottom of topload to primary copper tubing. The strike rail sits
> 3.5" above primary.  I tried putting my smaller 3"x15" toroid under
> the 4"x17" to raise but still hitting primary.  A breakout rod point
> up helps a lot but every now and then it hits bottom.  I'm
> considering doing the 6" secondary which would add another 15" in
> height above primary but until then Is there anything other than
> breakout points that would help.  Would changing the diameters of the
> toroid help?  Ie using different size pie pans with dryer duct. My
> thinking is if it was wider then the primary coil would not be right
> under.
> My secondary windings start flush with the primary, if I raise it the
> coupling will become weaker meaning shorter streamers?
> I've seen some coils on youtube and the streamers go down but outside
> the primary, wondering if my strike rail was removed would that stop
> it from attracting it to the primary?

Yes, I believe it was Terry Fritz who modelled the strike rail, and
found that it was an attractor for streamers.  I ditched mine and found
that it drastically reduced primary strikes.

If you are already getting primary strikes, it won't hurt to experiment
by removing the strike rail.


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