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Re: [TCML] Dizziness and a headache

On 6/8/14, 11:44 AM, Jim wrote:

My son and I displayed our small Tesla Coil (9,000-volt, 60mah NST) at
the NC Makers Fair yesterday. Everything went fine but our space was
limited. We, as well as the viewers were less than 10 - feet from the
coil as it was running. Also, After we ran it for about 30-seconds I
showed the viewers an up-close look at the coil and gave them a quick
tutorial. This required me to squat down. Everytime that I got up after
the tutorial I would experience dizziness. My son was complaining about
a headache for about 7 - hours during the Fair. Could the charged air
surrounding the coil have caused my dizziness and my son's headache?

that's not a side effect I would expect from charged air or a TC, but it *is* a side effect of being in a crowded show, etc.

There's also the noise (from TC, and from crowd) and the generally crummy diet at a show.

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