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[TCML] DRSSTC Interrupter - small batch order

Hi Everyone,

I'm fabricating a PCB for a DRSSTC MIDI interrupter for myself, and thought
that maybe some people might be interested, since it's cheaper for me to
order parts / pcb in more than one or two. Before I send the order, I
wanted to ask if anyone would be interested. Just want to see interest
before I order.

Here's an earlier version of the interrupter in action with my DRSSTC 3
here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVQ4qpGTemo
It does two-tone polyphony through MIDI (You can buy a MIDI-USB cable cheap
off ebay, or use any generic MIDI keyboard), as well as standalone
frequency mode, and is based off the wonderful oneTesla midi interrupter.

You will receive the PCB, all components including a programmed
microcontroller, but you'll have to assemble and debug the board yourself.

I will assemble one first and test it and do some documentation on how to
get it going. The interrupter is made for optical output (i.e. driving an
optical transmitter which is essentially a LED). Because I know you guys
use different outputs, the only things not included are the 9V battery and

I'm selling this at the cost price so I can save by buying more at a time.
This is a small one-off order. Including US shipping, I estimate it to be
no more than $40 with a turnaround time from me placing the order to you
getting the components in about 3 weeks.

Drop me an email (no need to spam the entire list) if you're interested.

Thanks everyone!
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