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[TCML] Tesla lamp article

Just a quick distraction...a brief article for a Tesla magazine, not sure if they will publish it but here goes anyway...
and a gallery of pics to accompany it:

And no, Tesla didn't invent the fluorescent lamp, nor did Edison, and while curious and novel neither one in this race
had something overly practical - despite both being cool from a historical perspective.  
Fluorescence of Calcium Tungstate  was a very important discovery though,
its a real shame it cost Edison's assistant his life.  
Edison was greatly taken by it and instantly abandoned the research (yet continued to sell X-Ray products).
It took Tesla a long while to admit X-Rays were dangerous and even retract absurd statements he made publically implying
that they weren't...

The article isn't perfect or too technical, but just for the everyday people reading about Tesla...an attempt to show some real history
that's hopefully a little interesting.

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