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Re: [TCML] New server poll

If you are spending $50/month on electricity, these people offer a killer
deal for $11/month:


Unmetered disk space
Unmetered transfer per month
1000 e-mail addresses
Unmetered addon domains
100 MySQL databases
$11 per month

I have been using them to host my blog as well as a couple commercial sites
I maintain since October 2003 and have been absolutely happy.

They have a bunch of options for installing CMS and Blog software but they
also allow direct access to your disk partition so you can go down to bare
metal if you want to.

Tech support simply rocks - best online support I have had.


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> Hi folks,
> I'm seriously considering getting a new server for TCML.  The 
> HP DL-385 
> that everyone so generously helped with many years ago is 
> still a great 
> machine and would serve as a backup, but it's both noisy and 
> power hungry. 
> My electricity bills have gone up $50/month and the noise infuses the 
> house.
> To reduce noise and cost, I've been thinking of an HP 
> microserver, like 
> this one:
> http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/proliant-servers/product-det
> ail.html?oid=5366896#!tab=features
> It seems to be one of the few server class machines that is energy 
> efficient and quiet(er?).
> Any thoughts or suggestions from people?
> Thanks in advance.
> Chip Atkinson
> TCML data center operator. :-)
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