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Re: [TCML] Technical Tesla Coil Questions

> > Quarter-wave resonance is a myth perpetuated by the fact that some
> > nicely-proportioned TCs have an amount of wire on the secondary
>> that turns out to be close to 1/4 wavelength, and that a TC behaves,
>> to a first approximation, like a 1/4 wave resonator in
> > terms of voltage and current distribution. Careful empirical studies
>> of the last 50 years do not support the 1/4 wavelength of wire
>> hypothesis. However, those whose scientific knowledge comes from the
> > back pages of tabloids and ads for "secret knowledge" still promote this
> > "Truth" since for them faith always trumps fact.
   one might add that antenna engineering books contain discussions
   of 'continuously loaded antennas', basically elongated
   wire coils.  depending on details, notably 'aspect ratio':
   length vs diameter, measurement tends towards a physical
   half wave of wire, coiled, not end loaded, resonating
   as a _quarter wave_.  toroids, etc and sparks/streamers
   act as end loads.

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