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Re: [TCML] SRSG @ 360 bps (60Hz) or 300 bps (50Hz)

Brian & Stefan et al
That's a surprising result Brian for a 40bps difference; do you think it may
have been the case that the tank circuit was closer to resonance with the
60Hz supply? (It's a depressing result otherwise as I run 200 on my own

If the two lower voltage peaks resulting from the uneven firing of the 300
had been higher it would certainly make 300 more useful. Uneven electrodes
do indeed give three even peaks Stefan, but again the tank voltage is well
down.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/33962508@N03/15734842692/

The 300 coil went well, given that the breakers were on their limit and
often tripped, (and 7kw or so really needed a lot more than a 6 foot ceiling
clearance anyway), but the sound was clearly very similar to 100bps which we
certainly hadn't expected, while the streamer behaviour was approaching that
of a higher bps ARSG. 
It comes as nothing new when I say if slow lazy streamers are the aim then
SRSGs are best limited to 100 or 200, with 300 being the turning point,
above that ARSGs not only benefit in performance, (Yes I know the BIGGG one
runs at 120bps, but it is 25kw or so), but are also a much easier build.

PS: The various tank voltages versus phases for 300 can be seen here:

(The timings (top right) don't account for spark advance obviously, but it's
all relative,)


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Sorry but I made a typo...

My comparison was 240bps vs 200bps..

60hz   (3600rpm/60sec)*4electrodes=240bps
50hz   (3000rpm/60sec)*4electrodes=200bps

200/240=83% which is close to what we saw. We might have been able to
improve the 50hz operation a bit by changing another parameter (gap timing)
but that was outside the parameters for this test.


> On Nov 7, 2014, at 7:04 AM, BrianB <brianb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Phil,
> At one time I performed a comparison of 300bps to 360bps for a customer.
This was done using a 12" Tesla Coil, a SRSG capable of 50/60hz, and a dual
frequency 150kw Show Power generator. Most of the measurements were
subjective except the total power throughput. We observed that operation at
50hz produced an apparent 20% less performance in arc length. This was
checked multiple times by switching back and forth between 50hz and 60hz.
Measuring the total power the system consumed also supported this conclusion
and fits with the lower break rate.
> Regards,
> BrianB
>> On Nov 6, 2014, at 6:22 AM, Phil <pip@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> All,
>> Having recently ran a 300 bps SRSG, I wondered if anyone else has built a
>> Synchronous RSG @ 360 bps (60Hz) or 300 bps (50Hz), and in particular has
>> any video of it?  (YouTube is thin on the ground for SRSG's in general,
>> alone this particular speed) I am interested in the streamer behaviour
>> the sound the coil produced which, with an SRSG, depends directly on the
>> phasing used.
>> Our own phasing was this
>> https://www.flickr.com/photos/33962508@N03/15722528281/  and the
>> in sound to a 120 (100) bps coil was uncanny.
>> I also wondered on their performance as opposed to a 120 (100) bps coil
or a
>> 240 (200) bps coil,
>> Regards
>> Phil Tuck
>> www.hvtesla.com
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