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Re: [TCML] Air compressor quenching

On 11/7/14, 5:12 PM, John Cooper wrote:
I have all the nitrogen I want at work through piping and hoses.  But no
idea where you would find some and if bottled how long would it last?

A standard K sized bottle holds about 220 cubic feet of N2 (at room temp and pressure). A T bottle holds about 300 cubic feet. A T bottle is about $8/fill plus the rent on the bottle which is about 8-10 cents/day.

If you need more, the usual solution is to use LN2. There are low (22psi) and high pressure (230 psi) dewars available. A 180 liter fill is about $70, but the tank is a lot more expensive to rent. 180 liters is about 4100 standard cubic feet. You'll lose a small amount to evaporation each day (<1%)

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