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On 11/14/14, 5:41 PM, jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello All,
Some of you may recall about a year ago an individual looking for a coil to be in a music video.
I answered the call, and during a Blizzard in the middle of December 2013, My brother and I crammed several hundred pounds of high voltage equipment into my mothers mini-van, drove to a sketchy warehouse in NY City. Met Nigel Stanford a musical artist planning a music video playing on the eyes as well as the ears. Nigel called his project CYMATICS. It is a synergy of sight, sound and science.

Please Enjoy,


John "Jay" Howson IV

very cool..

So, if we know the frame rate of the camera, we should be able to figure out your rotary gap's rotation rate and the coil's break rate.

Or vice versa.

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