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[TCML] "Fat Coil" QCW Double Resonant SSTC

Hey Guys,

I've been playing with larger arrays of fast-switching IGBTs for growing
huge arcs from "tiny" coils.  The idea is that hotter plasmas can be
achieved at lower voltages by upping the frequency.  At ~350Khz and above,
its noted that the plasma tends to grow in straight segments which helps it
reach further still...  A dramatic demonstration of this effect is shown
here with an 8" long coil with just 165 turns of wire producing maybe
100kVAC at 300khz is jumping 11 feet to the shop ceiling.


More pics at:


For those into the specs on components and such, I'll link my 4HV.org post
from earlier today:


This coil is waiting for a 40kW power supply before it can sustain the 10+
foot performance at high duty cycle.  For now its limited to bursts at any
power level over 15kW (which can only produce about a 5-6 foot discharge at
50% "on time" or about 25% duty cycle considering its a triangular
modulation signal).  Maximum peak power so far is 190kW.  The maximum i'd
bet my power electronics can handle is 260kW peak, so i think 13-14 foot
sparks may be possible from my 8" tall winding... i'll set it up with more
space next time and see :-).

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