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Re: [TCML] Making a larger toroid ideas

 I came up with a method of joining the ends of dryer ducting using round 
discs of wood.  First I cut the ends of the ducting as evenly as possible by
cutting near a rib, then doing the "cross-over" cut at the spot which will
be the "inside curve" of the toroid.  The wood discs are cut out to just
fit into the dryer duct.  The key is to shape the edges of the wood disc
with a complex angle which matches the angle of the ducting.  On a
large toroid, this angling procedure would be less important than on
a smaller toroid.  When I used this method for a 4" x 12" diameter toroid,
I used two discs 3/4" thick and glued them together to make the
wood thick enough.  I used small nails to nail through the ducting
into the wood.  The discs were about 4" diameter such that they
fitted into the ducting.  I placed the nails within the "deeper" sections
of the ribbing of the ducting, so the nail heads would not protrude
above the ribs.  The end result was that the joint was so precise
that it was not visible unless one looked very closely.  Also the
overall shape of the toroid was correct, and not distorted by
the joining process.  

Making the toroid surface smooth using joint compound and
aluminum tape is a further refinement of course.  




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If dryer ducting is to beused, what are youguys using to join the ends together (justtape)?Thanks,Tim 
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