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[TCML] Making a larger toroid ideas

Now that I have my mid sized Tesla coil working with 3 feet averaging and
some over 4 feet using 2 15kv 60mA NSTs... I would like to focus on
building a bigger Toroid top load. Currently I'm using 6" dryer ducting
with foil pizza pans in the middle. As most dryer ducting designs go, it's
not "smooth" and I get a lot of side sparks. I'm thinking if I can build
one with 8" dryer ducting or larger and figure out a way to make it smooth
it should create less but longer thicker sparks.

What are coilers doing about this problem? I'm not going to spend $400+ for
a machined one that's smaller. I'm limited on tools with a hacksaw and
electric drill for the moment. If dryer ducting is to be used, what are you
guys using to join the ends together (just tape)?


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