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Re: [TCML] Glass Plate Capacitor

Reminds me of the time when I was in high school and was trying to improve the output of a Jacob's ladder. Had constructed a glass capacitor out of some loosely stacked metal plates and panes of glass. Worked great until the high voltage found the flaw in the glass and it self destructed.
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On April 13, 2015 7:26:14 AM PDT, Reverend Fuzzy <pastor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I am intrigued by this design.
>Do you remember which book that was?
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>> Hello All,
>> I have been in the process of getting an old build operational
>> constructed this RSGTC back in the mid '80s based on info from a book
>> published in 1920.  It is of classic design in thatthe Secondary is
>> wide and short  by current day designs ( 8" dia x 15" hi ) and has no
>> top load - just a small 1"  brass ball on a short post. It creates a
>> very large brush discharge from the top turn and equal length sparks
>> from the ball.It looks like a true antique as the components have
>> nicely finished wood bases and boxes.
>> It was built using a surplus military grade 5KV 90 ma transformer and
>> is throttled by a tapped inductor of my design on the AC input.
>> Thecapacitor is a 2" stack of  'single strength' window glass and
>> aluminum foil whichwas immersed in hot beeswax such that the edges of
>> the glasspanes are sealed ..  The foil comes to within 1/2" of the
>> edges of the glass.
>> The cap measures  0.025 uF.  Input 5KV max.  ARSG runs at 360 BpS.
>> coil resonance measures 290 KHz and this agrees with the JavaTC
>> analysis. Coupling 0.3 k I have Never attempted full power operation
>> there were always pri to sec arc-overs.I finally fixed this ( after
>> years !  ) by sleeving the upper turn of the primary with plastic
>> tubing.
>> Question : Whats the probability that the Capacitor withstand full 5
>> transformer output ?
>> Regards,AlexOrlando FLKK4VB
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