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Re: [TCML] Question for solid-staters

Hi Father Dest,

Heh, not really sure what a GLTC would comprise. If anything, I hope it's a design with the critical feature needed to achieve relativistic breakdown phenomena with a TC.

BTW, are you 20kV on youtube? The SIBNIIE vid was fantastic. I'm not normally a fan of added music to slideshows, but 'The Orange Theme' was spot-on perfect for that. ;>

On 4/15/2015 7:03 PM, father dest wrote:

hi Ken.

>So...(once again): which would be best? Stacked, identical and coaxial primaries or co-planar, identical and non-coaxial ones?
you can find the answer to this question by yourself, in usual way -
just by simulating, as you did before with currents and voltages, but
this time with mutual inductances and resulting coupling coefficients
probably INCA or some other of Antonio's programs can do the job,
can't tell for sure now, as i myself abandoned coiling completely
about 8 years ago and slowly returning to the hobby just right now : )

btw - am working on GLTC concept last days - its a "Greg Leyh TC", LOL.
jk - "gap-less tc" actually, tryin to use parallel tank circuit to
eliminate switch from conducting resonating current completely - not
much luck so far, but i'll keep tryin  : )
my switch based on a SCR instead of MOSFET (don't like em at all) and
probably i'll use not a bunch of primaries as you planning, but some
sort of autotransformer action - to reduce voltage on the switch, like
from 20KV to about 2KV. and SCRs can handle huge ass currents just

>I'm getting way too old for this...
haha - same s*** here : D

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