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Re: [TCML] Question for solid-staters

hi LOrD : )

>Heh, not really sure what a GLTC would comprise. If anything, I hope it's a design with the critical feature needed to achieve relativistic breakdown phenomena with a TC.

don't worry Greg - it's an ordinary coil, just another experimental
topology to answer a simple question - "what would be best for having
longest spark at a given power - no gap losses but no quenching at the
same time, or some losses in gap but with ability for secondary to
ring freely"?
probably u already know the answer - say it and i'll trow my idea
through the window then : D

>BTW, are you 20kV on youtube? The SIBNIIE vid was fantastic.

nah - i've joined tube after i completely abandoned any hv activity at
all, as sofa1977, most of the vidoes on that chan are just for friends
and unlisted.
does LOD have tube chan too?
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