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[TCML] Spark Gap Doubts

Hey all
I have been working on a small size SGTC, and have posted a few doubts
regarding capacitors previously on the mailing list. I also have a few
doubts regarding the Spark Gap of my coil.
I am planning to use a Tungsten welding electrode  (TIG) for the spark gap.
It comes in rods of dia 2.4mm and length 150mm. I am planning to cut the
rod into 4 pieces and use them for the spark gap.
I wanted to ask whether it is absolutely compulsory to smooth the edges of
the rod, and make them hemispherical at the end after i cut it into pieces,
or it will be ok to just use the flat sides in the spark gap.
Also, I wanted to ask if anybody has ever used Aluminium balls for making a
spark gap, and what are the pros/cons for the same?

Ayush sharma
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