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[TCML] balancing transformers

It's sort of tesla related, because we fool with paralleling variacs and the like..

I'm wondering if there's a good way to balance the load on TWO 120V sources that are in series (to produce a 240V source), but with potentially unbalanced 120V loads also. Think in terms of the traditional US 240 service with a grounded neutral center tap.

Hooking up the two generators (or inverters) in series, and then using a big transformer that has a 240 winding on one side and a 120-0-120 winding on the other side would work (or even a 120: (120-0-120) transformer).

But, if we're looking at 5-10 kVA sorts of loads, this is a "BIG" transformer.

I was wondering if there's some clever "balancing choke" scheme like is used on paralleling variacs.

Maybe all it is is a two winding transformer, with each winding in series with one of the 120V legs (phased appropriately).

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