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[TCML] No topload output

Hi guys,

I just tried my TC for the first time tonight after COUNTLESS hours of work on it.  Unfortunately, I am getting no streamers from the topload.

Here are the specs of my coil:

Power Supply: 12,000 volts 30 mA NST

Terry Filter

Fan quenched static spark gap

Primary Circuit: Bucket capacitor measured at .0145uF, 7 turns of .25" copper tubing ID=6.5" OD=14" winding spacing = .25"  I tried tapping it at 4.4 turns, 3.4 turns, and 6.4 turns.

Grounded Strike Rail

Secondary Circuit: 3.5" pvc pipe coil form, ~875 windings of 24AWG enamel coated copper magnet wire - 18.5" of windings, topload toroid minDiam=4.25" majDiam=17"

LV end of secondary coil goes to ground, HV end of secondary connected to the toroid

Bottom edge of toroid is 3.25" higher than the top winding of the secondary coil.

Primary windings go in the same direction as the secondary. Primary coil inside winding moves in a counter clockwise manner towards the outside end and the secondary starts at the lower side and winds in a counter clockwise direction as it goes up to the top.

I tried a few different coupling positions too, I tried an 1/8" below the start of the secondary windings, right at the secondary windings, and 1/8" above the start of the secondary windings.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Here's one of my test runs: https://youtu.be/jQPxk-NqpT8
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