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Re: [TCML] No topload output

On 12/27/15 5:29 PM, Heather & Paul Novotny via Tesla wrote:
Hi guys,

I just tried my TC for the first time tonight after COUNTLESS hours of work on it.  Unfortunately, I am getting no streamers from the topload.

Do you have a breakout point on the topload?
And something to spark to? I use a piece of grounded (as in connected to the bottom of the secondary/counterpoise) copper tubing that sticks up and I can move closer and farther from the topload.

In your picture, I'd put it sticking up from the edge of your cart, until you get things working.

Does your strike rail have a gap in it? (It should, or it looks like a shorted turn)

What's your ground scheme look like? For a coil this size, I'd use something like a 3-4 foot square piece of chicken wire or hardware cloth, or sheet metal under the coil. (rule of thumb is that "ground" should have a radius comparable to the height of the secondary). In your case, that ground screen/counterpoise should be at the level of the top of your cart.

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