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[TCML] first coils...Re: Building a medium sized Tesla Coil

Sounds rather like my first, disrecall magazine: dad and i
built, window glass cap, Model T primary supply, tho we
skipped (our plans did not call for...) the model RR
xformer.  (Dad had had a Model T, so the ignition coils were
around.)  It was a balanced/Ouidin/horizontal style coil.
I hand wound the secondary, using dad's lathe, hand turned
for the occasion.  utterly disrecall how long it took.

Later, at a computer co which shall remain nameless, and is
now gone, we acquired a 'commercial' Tesla coil for informal
testing, and possible trade show demos, of an 'Industrial LAN'
Our lan WOULD run with 3" sparks hitting the coax shield.
I pointed out to my manager, to mention to the CEO:
   1) exposed primary is very lethal.
   2) nearby exhibitors would get Extremely Grumpy.
The idea was dropped, some years later I was able to formally
acquire the coil: NST, Static gap, disrecall the rating

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