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Re: [TCML] VTTC primary question

Hi Andrea,
The secret lies in achieving a balance between several competing factors:
 For maximum tube efficiency, Z(effective) of the tube at f(res)= Z(effective) Primary at f(res).
You also want L(pri) x C(pri) = L(sec) x C(sec). 
Output voltage gain ~ L(sec) / L(pri).argues for low L(pri), but 
Too large a C(pri) and too low an L(pri) mismatches the primary circuit current draw to the tube.

. For tuning purposes, a few extra turns on the primary coil is easier to build and adjust than a variable 
    capacitor with 5kV- 20kV standoff capability. 

 The size of the coil winding pretty well determines L(sec)
 The size of the topload plus the secondary coil set the basic C(sec) and thus f(res). The
    streamers add some to the C(sec) which lowers f(res) at breakout.
With a fixed cap size, about the only variables you can easily change are the L(pri) and the feedback coiil.

Matt D

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Hi friends,
 I am an italian undergraduate and  I am interested in VTTC constructions.
Anywhere I would like ask a question about the primary capacitor system,
Obviously a tesla works in resonant frequency, but it's clear that a
number of  capacitor-primary impedance values may be set to work in this
Well I would like to know how is the best choice...increase the value of
capacitor or have a large number of primary winding?
Thanks for any reply!
Best wishes,
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