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Re: [TCML] Help Selling Tesla Coil Items


Very sorry to hear about your loss. You are experiencing a dilemma that will confront many of our families eventually.

Where are you located? There may be other coilers who could visit, and help you identify the unknown equipment, and perhaps give you an idea of its value.

Did Chuck have any local coiling friends? If you could look them up, they might be able to help you identify and dispose of the items.

If you can identify the items, it is possible to eBay them specifying that they are "local pickup only".

An alternative would be to take them to the local "Pack & Wrap UPS store", and see what they would charge to pack and ship the items. Just pass the costs on to the buyers, but be aware that eBay is currently taking about a 10% cut of the S&H charges as well as the final sale price, so add something extra onto the S&H estimates.

If there are any amateur radio clubs in your area, they often hold hamfests, or swap meets, where TC items can be readily sold. One of their members might be willing to take some items and put them out for sale.



On 7/14/2015 12:10 AM, ccook wrote:
Can anyone please advise me on how to sell a lot of Tesla-coil items? I'm not sure what many of the items are. I lost my husband, Chuck Cook, 4 years ago and our house is filled with Chuck's treasures---transformers, pole pigs, capacitors, etc. Chuck loved Tesla coiling. I wrote to the Tesla List a few years ago, but shortly after writing, I did a big swan dive into depression and lost track of everyone. I'm a big fan of eBay, but most of the items are very heavy and shipping would be difficult. Any advice or help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much!


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