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Re: [TCML] Help Selling Tesla Coil Items

On 7/16/15 1:59 AM, Yurtle Turtle via Tesla wrote:
I know this doesn't help you Colleen, but it's something we all need to consider. I have a spreadsheet, that I need to update, including description, make, model, price and photos of my major components. Many of us have literally tons of transformers, capacitors, etc. Good info to keep with our wills, as well as instructions for disposal. Free pigs is better than paying for a huge dumpster, not to mention the questions about possible PCBs in older pigs.

This is an interesting topic. I, like many other folks on the list, have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, some of which would be tricky to dispose of properly (although no PCBs). As a member of the JPL Amateur Radio Club, we regularly get calls/emails from the survivors/executors/spouses of recently (or not so recently) deceased hams asking "what do I do with all this stuff".

It's not easy: sometimes there's actual hazards involved: not just the toxic material problem (everyone winds up with that.. bottles of insecticide, etc. in the garage), but things like towers that are unsafe, piles of equipment with potential hantavirus sources.

You don't really want to tell the person "Call the fire department and tell them you have a potential hazmat situation", but realistically, that might be the best approach. Or calling a company that does remediation.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing is expensive to deal with. I'll bet most of us don't have a clause in our wills saying "I direct my executor to use life insurance proceeds to hire a hazardous waste hauler to remove and properly dispose of xyz"

there's also the "wouldn't you like this stuff to go to a good home".
I will freely admit that this is where some fraction of the stuff I have came from.. I was that good home. In the ham radio world, this turns up a lot.
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