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Re: [TCML] Help Selling Tesla Coil Items

To me, this makes the most sense
(Yes, I have a lot of stuff but my wife seems to be able to get rid of it if she wants to). A lot of things that have been rescued from the dump are the only specimens left. It would be a shame for the last of them to go away without giving the opportunity to future coilers/hams/experimenters to take advantage of owning them. I don't have a quick answer for the immediate problem, but I think there are professional estate liquidators out there,
how else would there be so much stuff on ebay?
On 07/16/2015 08:58 AM, Jim Lux wrote:
there's also the "wouldn't you like this stuff to go to a good home".
I will freely admit that this is where some fraction of the stuff I have came from.. I was that good home. In the ham radio world, this turns up a lot.

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