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Re: [TCML] Audio modulated sstc

Here's the schematics for a flyback plasma speaker I built years ago:

I'm pretty sure it'll work with an SSTC (but not with a DRSSTC) with minor
tweaks. Basically just replace the stuff connected to pin 3 of the 555 with
the fiber transmitter and fiddle with the component values.

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 10:53 PM, Kerry Soileau <kerrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hey guys, well first off I want to ask a question about audio modulating a
> sstc in a different way. I've finally finished my first sstc  and I'm
> pretty impressed with it. I managed to audio modulate it with an arduino
> sending pulses to a fiber optic transmitter then over to the receiver and
> then to my gate drivers. My sstc is a half bridge config with a 74hc14 for
> feedback and then a ucc31/32 driver chips. I can give more detail if
> needed. Anyway, I'm not really that advanced when it comes to programming
> so I've only managed to program using the tone function as of now. The
> sounds are monophonic and they kinda suck. It's cool but for some songs I
> want to play(converting sheet music) I need to play multiple notes at the
> same time which has proven to be quite hard on the arduino UNO. Long story
> short, is there a way to take an input from my phone over auxiliary Jack
> and send that signal to my fiber optics and I turn over to my driver
> circuit. Diagrams always appreciated lol. Tr
>  ied a few op amp circuits but I come up empty every time. My goal would
> be able to get rid of the arduino and just play straight from my phone or
> iPod. Saw a 555 fly back circuit that the guy was playing songs over the
> arcs from his iPod nano. Had words and everything. Is this possible on a
> sstc?
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