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Re: [TCML] Primary turns, Capacitance & Topload: Torriod or Sphere?

On 03/01/2015 03:49 AM, Timothy Gilmore wrote:
> 6x31" secondary 24gauge 1400turns
> 2. Torroid or Sphere sizes? Where to buy them or can I make them for this
> size coil?

With a torroid, the general rule of thumb is to size the minor diameter
to the diameter of your secondary, and the major diameter to the length
of your secondary.   For the size you are looking at, buying one would
be rather expensive, but there are metal turners who do things like this
(there are no "off the shelf" products AFAIK).

Most people opt for building their own; some (most?) use flexible
aluminum ducting for this, while some build a form out of various
materials (foam, ducting, blow-up toys) and then cover it with aluminum
tape (a search of the archives will turn up the various forms used).

I ended up using plywood disks and corrugated drain pipe for mine, which
I then covered with a lightweight spackle and sealed with polyurethane
before I applied the aluminum tape.

You can see the details here: https://imgur.com/a/D3SjZ/all

It took a lot of work and is rather heavy compared to a flex-duct
torroid, but it works well and looks neat.

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