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Re: [TCML] Primary turns, Capacitance & Topload: Torriod or Sphere?

I went to Lowes and found 6" x 8' aluminum dryer duct and arranged it into
roughly a total diameter of 24" and inner ring diameter of 6". I used some
13" pizza foil trays re-inforced with 2 cardboard pieces wrapped in foil in
the center from Dollar General. All of this is held together with a nylon
toilet bolt.

With this info entered into the software it shows a capacitor needed of 20
nf at 19 turns (which means I would need to add more copper tubing which is
ok) OR at 100 nf at my current max length of 12 turns.

Any thoughts here.

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 5:49 AM, Timothy Gilmore <tdg8934@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In building my mid sized tesla coil;
> 6x31" secondary 24gauge 1400turns
> 12 turns 1.75" out 0.25" copper tubing (ROOM FOR ADDING MORE TUBING -12
> Capacitors: NOT DEFINED YET
> (2) NSTs 15kv 60mA (120mA total)
> What I need to look at next is the Topload and capacitors. I was trying to
> figure out the numbers in the Tesla Map software I bought and it looks like
> I'll need over 80 nF and I dont really know how to even start with the
> Toploads as I don't know where to buy them at or should I make one? I don't
> want to spend more than a couple of hundred on a topload. Is a sphere
> cheaper and what size is needed. When I enter in various sizes it changes
> my primary turns taping point.
> Questions are:
> 1. Do I need to add more primary copper tubing or will too many turns
> affect the spark size?
> 2. Torroid or Sphere sizes? Where to buy them or can I make them for this
> size coil?
> 3. Capacitance? better to have more or less for this size coil?
> Thank you for your help. Just getting a bit confused and what to get the
> right items.
> Tim
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