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[TCML] Shell Diala dielectric oil.

 Hi Tesla List, Sam Barros here. Its been a while and I haven¹t really
kept up with the list but I still enjoy HV as a hobby and I have a
question that someone here may be able to help me with:
 I need five gallons of dielectric oil for a HV project. The specific oil
I had in mind is Diala S2 ZX A, although any inhibited dielectric oil
would work just fine for my application. I believe that Diala S2 ZX has
substituted the ³Diala AX² most of us here are familiar with.
 I have searched high and low for it, and also contacted my local Shell
Diala oil distributors in Michigan; I can only find this in 55-Gallon
quantities. I only need 5 gals?

 If you have any leads on how to obtain this in smaller quantities, please
e-mail me using sam(at)powerlabs.org


 Sam Barros.

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